Uses For Master keyed Locks

by | Dec 31, 2014 | Building Materials Supplier

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Master Keyed Locks work in a system in which each lock can be unlocked with an individual key that unlocks that particular lock only and no other locks in the system. The system does have a master key that can unlock all locks in the system. This system is usually used in commercial situations where certain people are allowed into an area, but not everyone should have access. A hotel can be used as an example. The housekeeping staff needs to get into the supply room, but not into the office. The housekeeping supervisor has a key to the supply room. The manager needs to get into the office so he or she has a key to the office. The owner has one key-the master key- that will get him or her into both the supply room and the office.

Security situations are also a good example of Master Keyed Locks being useful. A security guard may need to get into the control room, so a key is given to the guard at the beginning of the shift for that control room. The owner of the security company may need to get into the control room and the equipment room where all the recorded data is stored. The security guard can only unlock the control room door with his key, but the owner can unlock the control room door and the equipment room door with one master key. It is useful to keep some people out of places while letting one person into every place.

A master key can be used with just about any type of lock system that uses a key to unlock the mechanism. Cam locks, cylinder locks, cabinet locks and shelving locks can all have a master key if one is needed. It allows business owners to get into every lock throughout the business. It also gives an owner or supervisor a way to let some people have limited access and some people to have no access. This works with a multi-level management system or a business with different departments. You would not want your machine operator supervisor to be able to get into the accounting office or the accounting manager to get into your tool room. Visit Us for more details.



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