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The Most Common Water Damage Repairs in Wichita, Kansas

There are many repair issues that have to be dealt with following water damage in a home. Perhaps the water damage came from a plumbing catastrophe, a flood, or perhaps water damage was a result of trying to extinguish a fire. Regardless of the source, even a small amount of water can be extremely harmful to the interior of your home. Thankfully, with professional services that offer water damage repairs in Wichita, your home may not be quite as damaged as you may have thought.

That doesn’t exclude the possibility of things having to be replaced. Things you think might need to be replaced, such as flooring, may be salvageable. However, there are other things, like drywall materials and installation, that might not be able to be salvaged. The problem with drywall is that it tends to absorb a great deal of moisture. Once this moisture is absorbed, it causes the drywall to actually begin to swell. Removing the moisture from the drywall through dryers and dehumidifiers is only going to cause the drywall to lose structural integrity and, basically, turn into powder. If water has been absorbed into the drywall, it’s going to need to be replaced.

In terms of wall insulation, exposure to excessive moisture can create a unique set of problems. Because of how dense fiberglass insulation is, it’s very difficult to completely extract moisture from it. The problem is that if moisture is left in the insulation, it’s going to cause mold growth. This type of mold growth may be happening without your knowledge. Unfortunately, the effects mold can have on your home and the people living in your home can be quite evident. If your insulation has been exposed to excessive moisture, that’s likely going to have to be replaced as well.

Fortunately, these sorts of water damage repairs in Wichita are fairly common and can be done in a very short period of time. Once those issues are taken care of, your home will be that much closer to being ready to occupy. If you are experiencing water damage from a flood or fire, or you’re planning ahead in the event this does happen, ACT Emergency Clean Up is a great option. This company has expert technicians and all the equipment necessary to respond quickly and efficiently to whatever flood situation your home is experiencing.