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Understanding the Basics of Session Initiation Protocol

When you own a business, it’s likely a priority that you keep spending down and look for options to cut your costs. With so many services required for the modern company, such as shipping services, merchant services, and payroll services, you may not have time to dig deep into every single one. You may have heard of SIP trunking from another business owner or came across the acronym on the web. Today we’ll explain what it’s all about so you can find the best SIP trunk for your needs.

What SIP Trunking Is

SIP, or session initiation protocol, is a way to handle a VoIP call. Essentially, it’s an application layer protocol that allows real-time video or audio communication between two phones. SIP technology creates, terminates, and modifies sessions between one or more people using an IP network, regardless of whether it’s a group conference call or a call from one person to another.

The SIP trunk is the digital version of a phone line. The best SIP trunk provider is offering you the option to connect to one or more channels to make local, international, and long-distance calls using the Internet. If your company has a private branch exchange to communicate within your organization, a SIP provider can connect to you. This allows you to use your system to make outbound calls without any restrictions.

Cost of SIP Trunking

The price you’ll pay for high-quality SIP trunking is going to depend upon the needs of your business. However, the setup fee is typically minimal with a fixed monthly cost for each trunk. Most of the best SIP trunking providers offer unlimited calling to anywhere in the world with each channel able to make or receive a call all at the same time. Once channels are full, you can add additional channels for more calls, when and if needed. This makes it easy to budget for your telephone needs and keep things lean when fewer channels are required.

The only limitations on the number of calls is based on your Internet bandwidth capacity. However, your provider can offer better information about the specifics in your case.

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