Understanding Sand Blasting in Atlanta, GA

by | Sep 22, 2020 | Asphalt Contractor

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Sandblasting has a wide variety of applications, the most common of which are etching, abrasive cleaning, and preparing surfaces for topical applications of sealants and other substances. Even though Sand Blasting in Atlanta, GA is widely used across a number of industries, the average consumer has little idea as to what this process actually entails. Read on to find out more about sandblasting, how it works, and what it’s used for.

How it Works

The name sandblasting is actually somewhat of a misnomer, as contemporary technologies very rarely use actual sand due to its potential to cause serious health and safety risks. Most sandblasting applications are performed using powdery abrasive materials such as fine silicon. Sandblasters are usually powered by air compressors that provide the power required to move the abrasive materials at high speeds.

The higher the pressure is set on a sandblaster, the more intense the effects will be. It takes a good deal of experience and skill to effectively sandblast materials, as excessive pressure levels can damage them, but inadequate pressure will not provide effective results.

A Brief History of Sandblasting

This popular method for cleaning and etching surfaces has been in relatively frequent use since the late 1800s when actual sand was still used to clean and etch materials. Early in the 20th Century, the Navy began using this technique as a means of prolonging the coating of their ships and other equipment, and more companies across a wide array of industries have been catching on ever since. Today, sandblasting is used for everything from etching glass to preparing stone, metal, and other surfaces for the application of protective sealants.

Benefits of Sandblasting

The benefits of Sand Blasting in Atlanta, GA depend on what application it is being used for. In the context of cleaning, the primary advantage of using this technique is that the process takes very little time and effort in comparison to what would be required to clean surfaces by hand. When it is used for etching, the benefits of sandblasting include improved control and ability to create a wide range of shades by changing the speed and direction of the equipment.

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