How Do You Know When It’s Time for Paving Repairs in Katy, Texas?

As a homeowner, you know it’s important to take care of your investment. Maintenance of the inside and the outside of your home requires effort, time and dedication. In addition, it’s important to maintain your property if you want to enjoy its beauty for longer and get the most resale value. One area that can go unnoticed is your pavement. Here’s how to know if you need paving repairs Katy, Texas.

Large Cracks

Cracks on the surface of the pavement that take up a large area are a sure sign that you need to consider asphalt repairs. Sometimes they look like a web or like alligator’s skin.

Drainage Problems

If you see puddles or water lying on the surface of your pavement, this could be a sign of drainage issues. When water isn’t draining properly, it can seep below the surface and cause a great deal of damage in your pavement.


Warped or buckled asphalt is a problem. Uneven or wavy sections are signs that your asphalt is damaged and can use some attention. It could mean that the foundation is insufficient.


If your pavement was once black but is fading to gray, you may require a sealcoat for protection. Faded pavement is often brittle and prone to cracks.

These are just some of the more common signs that you need paving repairs Katy, Texas. Addressing these issues early can save you money and frustration.

If you’re in need of paving repairs, visit Teague’s Asphalt Paving at to learn more.

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