Understanding the Components of Electrical Wiring Installations in St Louis, MO

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Electrical

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It is imperative homeowners fully understand the many components that are involved in Electrical Wiring Installations in St Louis MO. Whether it be a new installation or rewiring, homeowners will find the same components involved in their home setup.

What are the Main Components of Electrical Wiring Systems?

  • Service Head. This is often called the weather head or weather cap and is the point where the electrical wiring enters a home. This hooded area provides protection to the wiring so it is not damaged because of weather exposure.
  • Electric Meter. The electric meter is connected to the main and measures how much electricity is used. The electric company uses this meter to determine how much the electric bill will be each month.
  • Main Service Panel. The main service panel is referred to as the breaker box. This is the main source of electricity distribution in the home. Each circuit features a fuse or breaker that can shut down the electricity to that circuit in the event of an overload.
  • Electrical Boxes. These are featured throughout a home and are placed where wiring connections end. These must be placed according to the National Electrical Code.
  • Ground. The ground wire is vital for ensuring an electrical system is able to operate safely. Ground wires are featured throughout a home and in different areas.

DIY Approaches Should Be Avoided

When it comes to Electrical Wiring Installations in St Louis MO, DIY approaches should be avoided. Not only does the average person not understand the National Electrical Code, they also do not have the skills and knowledge that are necessary for properly installing electrical wiring.

Attempting to take a DIY approach can be dangerous, leading to serious injuries and even death. If you are a homeowner in need of these services, Browse the Site at Bates-electric.com. Call them today so you can schedule your appointment.

They are the electricians you can rely on for all of your electrical needs. They will safely and effectively install your electrical wiring and also offer repair work. With their services, you can rest assured your electrical system will be operating properly.

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