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How a Celebrity Branding Agency is Working to Create Better Lives for Indigenous People

It’s no secret that native and indigenous people are often the most disadvantaged in modern society. For people who are natives of Mexico, this is even more true. Many indigenous Mexican people struggle with low average incomes, illiteracy and lack of education, and poor nutrition and provisions for their families and children.

There are various charities and organizations dedicated to helping disadvantaged people, but even with assistance from their own government, many native people still find even meeting basic needs to be difficult. This level of disadvantage is being highlighted and tackled by a collaborative project, headed up by an unlikely partnership that is changing minds and lives.

Celebrity Branding Meets Humanitarianism

A celebrity branding agency is not likely to be the first company to come to mind when you think about philanthropy or native Mexican social issues. However, Celebrity Films – in partnership with the Dicks and Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency – are combining forces with Entrepreneurs International and Armonia U.S Inc. to create an “entrepreneurs center” where projects will be organized to benefit the poorest and most disadvantaged youth, teens and adults of native Mexican heritage. It is the hope of those involved with the project that the introduction of these resources will inspire a new generation of young people to get educated and get involved in making life better for their entire communities.

How to Get Involved

The Entrepreneurs International Foundation frequently launches campaigns to raise money for excellent causes by partnering with celebrities, businesses and public figures to raise awareness as well as funds. Bringing together the brightest stars in the world on entertainment and the best minds in the world of business, this group helps people create better lives through media they already enjoy. If you are interested in partnering with this non-profit organization and have talents that you believe will enable you to give back, contact them or join their mailing list for future opportunities.

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