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The Ultimate Motivational Speaker for Business

The use of a motivational speaker for your corporate events can be a fun and exciting way to pump a little energy into your staff. Corporate meetings, company workshops and conventions all supply a platform for uniting your crew by giving them a common experience through a speaker. It becomes the perfect opportunity for them to learn new information and set new goals.

A Motivational Speaker for Business can be utilized by any company in any industry. However, if the point of hiring a speaker is to increase enthusiasm for an idea or earn more loyalty within the company, you need to find one that has something interesting to say.

Anyone can claim to be a motivational speaker. They may have an interesting past and a unique perspective, but are your employees or colleagues still going to be awake at the end of the speech? While there are many ways to give a speech; they can be goose bump inducing or intellectually challenging. However, the most popular speaker to listen to is one that can say what needs to be said and make everyone laugh while saying it.

Doug Dvorak is a motivational humorous speaker. He can provide a presentation that is customized to your company and desired message and deliver it with a humorous twist that will keep everyone engaged from start to finish.

As a Motivational Speaker for Business there are multiple services he offers. There are presentations to encourage more humor in the workplace, a seminar to bring out the creativity in your employees and a seminar to teach about the joys of “Laughter Yoga”. There are many more to choose from as well.

If you are tired of the same old lame meetings or sick of watching bored and unmotivated employees file out from their motivational seminar, now is your opportunity to finally get it right. Doug is a Certified Speaking Professional, a member of the National Speakers Association and a member of the Global Speakers Federation. He also has a degree in business administration, is experienced as a sales trainer and a management consultant. His resume includes, among many other credits, a stint as a comedic improvisational actor with Second City.

With diverse qualifications, a keen business sense and sharp wit, you can count on Doug to give a tremendous performance every time.