Pest Control in Mesa: Tips for Preventing Spiders from Entering Your Home

by | Feb 11, 2014 | Pest Control

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If you were to be completely honest, you would have to admit that nobody really likes spiders. They are hairy, creepy, and some of them could kill you when they bite. If you have suddenly started finding more spiders in your home than you can stomach, you will want to call in Pest Control in Mesa, to take care of the problem for you right away. While most spiders are harmless, and they do eat other insects, there are some that are extremely dangerous. Below you will find some tips on how to prevent the spiders from invading your home to begin with.

If you are the type who only calls Pest Control in Mesa, when it is absolutely necessary, then there are some natural methods you can use to prevent the spiders from entering your home, without hurting them.

Mint them away

Most people have no idea that spiders hate peppermint, but they do. The easiest way to keep spiders from entering your home is to fill a bottle with essential peppermint oil and water, then spray it around your entire home. The spiders will avoid it, and your home will smell amazing to boot.

Clean, Clean, Clean

The cheapest and best way to keep spiders out of your home, is not always the easiest. Regular dusting, vacuuming and cleaning will keep them out, as spiders like clutter. It is easier for them to hide among cobwebs and dust. Keeping it clean, and clutter free, is the best way to keep spiders on the move.

Have a Furry Friend on Patrol

Having a cat in the house it the perfect way to get rid of the spiders that could be scoping out your home. Cats are great hunters, and will never let a spider crawl across the floor, without going on the attack.

Keeping spiders out of your home, doesn’t have to involve the use of chemicals. However, if after following the tips above, you still have a spider problem, you may want to call in the professionals at Cummings Termite and Pest Control to take care of it for you.

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