Typical Work Done by a Water Damage Service in Oklahoma City

by | Mar 28, 2014 | Water Resources

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After a building or house has been flooded, there are a few steps that often need to be taken to get it back into good condition so that it can be comfortably inhabited. The first, of course, is to get rid of the water. It’s best to hire a water removal company for this because they can pump it out and use powerful fans on the remaining moisture. This will dry the structure much faster than just opening the windows. Speedy drying will both minimize direct structural damage and prevent mold from starting to grow.

The next step is to bring in a water damage service in Oklahoma City. These services know just where to look for hidden damage that can cause surprise structural breakdown if it is not discovered and fixed. Some of the most basic aspects of a structure, such as its framework, flooring, and wiring, can be damaged by getting too wet. Since these aspects are also important for safety, the restoration company will usually start by fixing them. New joists and floor panels will be installed if necessary, and new wiring components may also be put in.

Once the structure is restored to a safe condition, it’s time for the water damage service in Oklahoma City to start on the visible parts. Ruined drywall will be replaced with new, walls that have damaged finishes will be repainted, and floors will be re-tiled or recarpeted as needed. Other visible elements include cabinets and doors. These can often be fixed with simple refinishing, but some types of cabinets will need to be replaced. Those made of particle board, for example, will swell up if they get wet. Unfortunately, drying will not fix swollen particle board. It’ll retain its new shape forever, so only replacement will get affected cabinets and doors to look right again.

While it’s easy to assume that your house or other building will never need this type of work, the reality is that it is required surprisingly often. Firefighting efforts, broken water mains, air conditioning leaks, and more can all result in water damage. Click here to learn about some of the surprising sources of unwanted water and to learn more about mitigating the damage it causes.


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