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by | May 8, 2013 | Water Resources

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The government really doesn’t have any set standards for water damage restoration although two agencies do have a standard when it comes to it. The RIAA and IICRC have a standard of care when it comes to restoration of water damage. A lot of companies use the standard procedure which is called the S 500. This is more or less based on research, experience, consultation and information that have been gathered from a variety of different sources. They have gathered information from the scientific community as well as the international community. Some other sources where they have received information to base these procedures are from regional and national trade associations that deal with the disaster restoration industry, equipment manufacturers, restoration service companies, restoration and cleaning of schools. The IICRC S 500 has only practical standards when it comes to water damage restoration and is not a very comprehensive water damage procedure.

Companies that provide water restoration in Edmond OK and that use the S 500 must follow all of its rules and regulations of the specific country that it is providing the water damage restoration. The S 500 has categorized different types of water contamination’s. Category one is classified as a sanitary or clean source of water. This type of water is usually from water supply lines that are clean or clean water from toilets, faucets and/or bottled water. This category can turn into a category two or three in a short amount of time pending on temperature and contaminates around the water. Category two typically is water from washing machine or a toilet overflow that has urine in it. Any water that is overly unsanitary and that could cause death or illness is categorized as category three. This type of water is normally sewage or flooding from streams and rivers.

When dealing with businesses that deal with water restoration Edmond OK, makes it hard to choose a company without checking with their references of their past Water Restoration projects. It is best to contact the different companies in the area to find out who would be the best business to deal with.


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