Types of Conveyor Rollers

by | Dec 27, 2017 | Business, Construction & Maintanance

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Conveyor rollers with sprockets are the most commonly used type of roller in warehouses or fulfillment centers. The toothed gears allow the roller to turn but have a lot more leverage and strength when moving products over the belt. They are made from different types of materials like steel, aluminum, and plastic. You can determine the type you need based on the material you are moving and how much it weighs or if it gets to a high temperature. Whether you are rolling food, lumber, or other goods down the line you need a sturdy and reliable roller or the whole thing falls apart.

When to Replace your Rollers

You can determine when your conveyor rollers need to be changed based on the inspections you have set up. It’s best to inspect the rollers after each shift to make sure something hasn’t broken free and lodged itself in the rollers. This can lead to a break down and can halt production. You’ll also need to check them if they start to make any strange noises during the work day. A sign of a roller wearing down is a noise that indicates it’s having a difficult time turning or if you can tell the conveyor belt has slowed down considerably. If you stay on top of regular inspections you’ll catch when the rollers need to be replaced and won’t disrupt your production schedule.

Replacing your Conveyor Rollers

When replacing conveyor rollers with sprockets you’ll want to determine the type of material you need for what you’re transporting. Perhaps you’ve been using a plastic roller when you need a metal one due to the weight of your material. Use a reliable company to find your replacement rollers or even custom build own custom roller to suit your needs.

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