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Top Reasons To Buy Used Cars In Cumberland County, NJ

While there is always a lot of excitement about buying a new car, there are also some very important drawbacks to buying new over used. For families or individuals on a budget in Cumberland County, NJ, the price factor is the most obvious difference.

With that being said, there are still additional reasons that make used cars a better option than new in many situations. By understanding all the benefits, you can then determine the ideal solution for your vehicle and financing needs.

More Car for Your Money

There are a lot of people that trade in new cars on a regular basis and even some fleet services that routinely trade executive vehicles. Often these are very low mileage vehicles that have the luxury, sport or deluxe packages plus additional features and options.

Unlike a car where the price quoted is the base price and everything extra is added on, with pricing on used cars everything in the package is included in the price. It is not uncommon to find a fully featured used car with low mileage at thousands less than the same vehicle with fewer features as brand new.


Most consumers in Cumberland County, NJ, understand that a new vehicle will drop in value about 15% in the first year of ownership, with some vehicles closer to 20%. By purchasing used cars, the original owner took the depreciation, and you are now able to purchase at a price that won’t have that initial drop in value.

Additionally, by making a purchase of a used SUV, car or van, you also have the option to compare different or similar makes and models on the same lot. This can save hours of driving around from dealerships and lots, making it easier to find the ideal car in your price range.