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Top reasons Belgian chocolate is so good

Most chocolate lovers agree that all chocolate is good – but there is something about Belgian chocolate that most people would die for. From small chocolate squares to chocolate medallions to large solid chocolate Easter bunnies, Belgians know how to make it better. Here are some of the top reasons to choose Belgian over ordinary chocolate:

  • Belgian has a longer history with cocoa beans: With their troubled colonial past with the Congo, they gained access to Africa’s plantation of cocoa beans long before the rest of Europe; this allowed them to experiment and master the art of making chocolate.

  • Engineering: Belgians are very good at developing processes and systems that make chocolate better. In 1912, Jean Neuhaus developed a way to make a cold shell of chocolate known as ‘pralines’. They also developed the machinery needed to mix cocoa beans very thin so that the chocolate would be smoother.

  • It’s in their culture: Just as most Italian villages have olive oil suppliers and most villages in France have a vineyard, so too do most Belgian villages have a chocolate shop. These are mostly family owned establishments and they use recipes that have been handed down through generations.

  • Location: Belgium is located in central Europe, a frequent pass-through for visitors and tourists. Of course, on the way through Belgium, there aren’t many who don’t stop for some chocolate along the way.

It’s hard to describe the difference between Belgium chocolate and ‘regular’ chocolate that you buy in the grocery store. It is more succulent, melts in your mouth and you can’t help but want it to last forever in your mouth. Chocolate medallions made of Belgium chocolate make great gifts for everyone on your holiday list, are ideal for birthday and anniversary gifts and are perfect for Valentine’s Day. In fact, they’re perfect every day of the year.