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Tips on Taking Good Care of Your Skin

Having healthy skin as you age can mean the difference between feeling great about yourself and your appearance and feeling unhappy and old. Texas summers can do a lot of damage to skin, especially for people who like to get out in the Austin sun. Skin care products offer varying degrees of protection, and many people need to see professional dermatologists in Austin to address specific skin care issues. Advice can generally be narrowed down into about five basic points for taking better care of your skin.

  1. Protection: When you go outside, always make sure you protect your skin by using sunscreen, staying in the shade as much as possible and wear at least one thin layer of clothing to shield your skin from the sun. Consider a wide-brimmed hat as a shield as well.

  2. Smoking: Smoking depresses blood flow in the capillaries that are found near the surface of your skin, blocking important nutrients that are vital to the health of the skin, and because it depletes collagen and elastin can also cause your face to wrinkle more easily.

  3. Be gentle: Before going out into the hot days of summer in Austin, don’t use rough skin care techniques as part of your daily hygiene. Don’t do anything that strips oil from your skin, which can lead to dry and cracked skin and other difficulties, whether you refrain from long shower or strong soap. Consider moisturizing your skin when it is dry.

  4. Be healthy: Watch what you eat and refrain from fatty, sugary foods, or from carbonated drinks that use high fructose corn syrup. Eat a balanced diet, and be active; exercise doing something you enjoy doing, whether lifting weights, running, playing tennis, or doing yoga or aerobics. Staying well oxygenated and nurturing your heart is good for your skin.

  5. Be calm: People with acne problems know that stress can cause breakouts. It’s important to learn how to manage stress levels for your overall health, including the health of your skin. Many people learn breathing methods or mindfulness meditation to feel more at peace. Whatever you do need not be that formal. As long as you can relax and do something you enjoy, you are managing stress levels. Do it often, and learn how to be less influenced by daily difficulties. Health for the soul leads to healthy skin.

Taking these five general principles to heart can lead not only to an overall healthier life experience, but healthier, better looking skin will result as well. Of course, if specific diseases plague you, seeing an Austin skin care specialist doesn’t hurt either.