GPS Tracking Devices and the Importance of Information

by | Nov 8, 2012 | Internet Marketing

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Information is important; one of the most important parts of decision making is having reliable and accurate information. Tomes have been written about the value of good information to presidents and prime ministers making the decision to go to war, or making decisions about economic policy. Entire schools of economic study are based on the principle of how hard it is to get accurate information. However the pressing need for accurate information extends beyond military matters but into simple business decisions. There’s a reason why civilian companies will put a GPS tracking device into their vehicles. The military applications of such technology are rather obvious, but for civilian companies the benefits of GPS tracking devices might seem less obvious.

Businesses, especially ones that aren’t at the very top, tend to have very small margins. Every decision has to be weighed carefully, and every option needs to be carefully considered. In a smaller business even the relatively mundane decisions of who to promote or give a raise to need to be made with accurate information. If nothing else, GPS tracking devices in vehicles can help you see which drivers and works take the most efficient routes, which waste the least time, and who’s the most honest with you. GPS tracking devices can also offer up to the second information about the location of goods and employees, thus allowing a company to make accurate predictions about the speed and arrival of goods, and providing simple safety and peace of mind by knowing where your drivers are.

There’s another factor, when people know that accurate information can be gathered on them they’re more inclined to act honestly. Even if you don’t use the GPS tracking device often to check that people are doing their job how they’re supposed to, the fact that you might be watching will make people act in accordance. Ultimately though, it comes down to the value of information to decision making. Catastrophes often happen not because someone was wrong, but because they acted on limited information. Simple things, like being able to relay information accurately because you know where every driver is can be vitally important to saving time and money. There’s another issue in all this, it’s not just shipping companies that need GPS tracking devices. They stand out as easy examples, but attaching them to machinery helps a company know where their physical assets are, and if they access the old tracking data they can see where they spend the most time, and look for any inefficiency in the use and transportation of physical materials. Small things can add up quickly overtime, and with tight margins, the small inefficiencies of poor information and planning can be destructive.

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