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Tips for Hiring Moving and Storage Companies in Waterford MI

Finding responsible, reputable moving and storage companies in Waterford MI requires research, but the results can be worthwhile.

Millions of individuals and families in the US move every year. Moves that go smoothly, with minimum trouble, are those made by quality moving and storage companies. If you are one of the millions planning a move, there are things you can do to ensure your possessions get to your new home on time and in perfect condition.

Get References

If your family and friends cannot provide recommendations, ask your candidates for a list of at least three customers in the area who have used their professional services within the last three or four months. Contact these people; ask direct questions about their experiences.

The Walk Through

Before taking a physical inventory, the estimator will want to walk through your home. The estimator will ask you what you plan to take and what will be left behind. This is the time to point out those items that will be given away, donated, disposed of in a yard sale, or junked.


Reputable moving and storage companies will take an accurate inventory of your possessions. The inventory helps to determine the physical size and weight of that which you are moving. The estimator will go through your home, checking storage spaces, the garage, drawers, the basement, and attic. Be sure you discuss the estimate. If you have questions now is the time to ask.


Moving companies are obliged to assume liability for the value of the property they transport. There is a no-cost option available, but the protection rarely is enough to cover loss or damage. The better option is full value protection. With this plan, in the event something is lost or damaged, the moving and storage company is responsible for restoration or replacement.

A good moving and storage company will help you plan and execute your move and help you save money, time, and unnecessary worry. For more information visit Changing Places Moving.

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