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The Importance of Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Making deliveries on time is important for every member of the supply chain. The next person cannot do their part until they get what they need. Many times jobs are marked with general instructions like rush order or top priority. Without specific dates and times coming from advanced planning and scheduling, no order is actually ever late. However, when plans and schedules are done right, everyone along the supply chain benefits.

ASAP Is Not a Date

ASAP is an acronym most recognize. It stands for “as soon as possible.” However, if you have multiple orders stamped with ASAP, or one order marked ASAP and another marked “priority,” how do you know which is to be completed first? These terms may have a place, but they are vague at best. Advanced planning and scheduling practices make sure neither of the orders gets pushed aside but are instead completed on time.

Making Deliveries on Time

Jobs and projects are to be completed inside a specific time frame. It’s imperative to keep the supply chain in motion and to ensure each member has what they need when they need it. From the manufacturer to the supplier and the vendor, each needs to be on time with their part or the supply chain breaks down affecting everyone along the line.

Every Job Needs a Date

If orders and deliveries are to be completed on time, it’s essential that delivery times and dates are specified. Customers make plans hinging on receiving products or services on time. Many times when a customer changes suppliers, it’s due to poor delivery performance. Advanced planning and scheduling prevent late orders and keep the supply chain running as it should. This keeps everyone employed and profitable.

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