Tips For Choosing A Portable Bar Set

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Business

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The more frequently you plan to use a portable bar set the more important quality craftsmanship and materials will matter. The top companies that build these products strive to develop styles and features that are durable and long lasting even when they are set up and folded down for storage multiple times. Choosing a company with a proven track record is definitely an important factor and one that will ensure you get a top quality bar.

The key to finding the right portable bar set for your needs starts with taking the time to do an assessment of what you will need the bar for. If you are going to be working with small groups a single portable bar set may be all you need. On the other hand if you have multiple events at one time or if you plan to host large groups you may want to consider several smaller mobile bars to provide different bars for people to use.

Interchangeable Options

For a business or a company you may only need one design and one look. However, if you are using the portable bar set for different events, to promote different products or for different parties it is a good idea to look for models with interchangeable features. The front and side panels of a top portable bar set can be removed and easily changed to allow you to show different products or different looks depending on what even you are hosting.

Set-Up Options

For those working behind the portable bar set having the option to configure the set-up to suit their bartending preferences can be a major factor in choosing one style over another. Most bartenders like to have a speed well or a speed rack that allows the bartender easy access to the most common liquors used. In addition most bartenders like to have ice bins with easy access as well as storage areas and cutting surfaces.

For larger events you may want to consider adding a back rack to your portable bar set. This can be designed to coordinate with the bar area and allows additional shelves and storage for bottles, equipment and supplies. This also makes the bar area look more like it is part of the décor and less like an add-on in the room.

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