Increase Your Event Possibilities With Commercial Portable Bars

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Business

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As a hotel, conference center, or venue manager or owner or as a facilities coordinator you know how important it is to have a way to use area to create just the space people need. Often you are restricted to using outdoor areas or rooms because of lack of the right fixtures and equipment. If this is a problem you have encountered you need to consider investing in commercial portable bars.

End Room Configuration Restrictions

One of the most important considerations for any type of facility is being able to configure the room to accommodate a range of different seating and entertainment possibilities. When you use a standard built-in bar you are restricted to what you can do from both a seating as well as traffic flow consideration. With colored LED lights built right in commercial portable bars can be a great way to highlight exits if the bar is positioned just to one side or the other of the door, also helping to keep the main parts of the room open for guests to enjoy.

By going with one or more commercial portable bars you can eliminate room configuration restrictions since you can literally position the bar or bars where you need them. This means you can keep them to the front, back, sides, middle or a combination of areas in the room to maximize seating and ability to move easily throughout the room.

Avoid Congestion

If you have ever been at a mixer, reception or party you know the busiest area with regards to traffic flow is going to be around the bar. With one big bar you have everyone moving to the same spot, creating lines and congestion. However, with several smaller commercial portable bars you can divert traffic and movement throughout the area.

These commercial portable bars also help to prevent the common issue of everyone gathering at the bar and creating literal throngs of people just visiting. With several commercial portable bars those wanting a drink can choose which bar is free and not have to try to maneuver through groups of people talking.

Of course, the real advantage to having commercial portable bars is that they can be stored away when not in use, allowing you to easily clean the facility and get it set up for the next group coming in.

We have a line of commercial portable bars that are perfect for any venue or event. To learn more see us online at

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