Three Coverage Options Offered By Insurance Companies In Wichita KS That Every Business Owner Should Have Feb12


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Three Coverage Options Offered By Insurance Companies In Wichita KS That Every Business Owner Should Have

It is impossible for a business owner to plan for everything that may occur during the day to day operations of an organization, but there are a variety of insurance policies that will provide peace of mind and keep a company protected from financial devastation and the fall out resulting from litigation. Most entrepreneurs are surprised to see how affordable quality coverage is, and the many benefits associated. Here is a quick look at three types of policies every business owner should have.

General Liability Insurance

Companies that rely on a brick and mortar presence that is accessible to the general public are at risk for litigation if an individual becomes injured while on company property or while using their products. Rather than bearing the financial stress associated with an incident, consider purchasing a general liability policy. Liability policies are designed to offer protection by paying for the cost of any lawsuits or judgments that may arise, preventing financial devastation in the event of a tragedy.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

When an employee sustains an injury on the job, their employer is responsible for the cost of any treatment they may require, as well as for any wages they may lose as a result. Something as small as a broken bone may end up creating thousands of dollars in medical expenses, not to mention the employee’s ability to sue for any mental or physical anguish they may have suffered. Workers’ compensation insurance covers the cost of medical bills, lost wages, and any judgments that may result.

Vehicle Fleet Coverage

For some companies, the vehicles they use for their day to day operations are the heart of the organization. The problem is that the cost of commercial vehicle insurance is often astronomical, leaving a company with high deductibles in the event of a collision. Be sure to talk about the needs of a business with one of the many insurance companies in Wichita KS, as they may be able to create a customized plan that saves money without scrimping on coverage.

The right insurance policies will provide a business owner with peace of mind and offer financial security. The team at Andy Woodward Insurance Agency will work with a business owner to locate policies that will provide excellent overage without breaking the bank. Schedule an appointment to speak with an agent and start saving today.

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