Does Teen Driving Training Really Work?

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Business

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Did you know that in one year alone, 2008, teen drivers were responsible for over 6,000 fatalities on U.S. roadways? An expert has revealed that the crash rate for a 16-year-old is almost five times that of a driver who is over 25. It’s no surprise that parents want to ensure their teens are safe while driving. That’s why teen driving training is something many parents are interested in. But do these Chicago teen driving school programs work?

  • Each Program is Different

In some states, it may be mandatory to have some sort of driving class before being licensed. In others, it’s very much optional. No matter what the case is where you live, teens who complete these types of courses learn things that are crucial for driving. They will learn the rules of the road, important defensive driving techniques, and other tips that will keep them safer. This can avoid both accidents and tickets, which can skyrocket insurance rates.

  • Driving Schools Make Drivers Safer

Driving schools put teens behind the wheel with a certified instructor who can give them tips and help as they drive. The students will learn how to drive on a course and roadway, often gaining experience on the route used in that city for driver testing. They will also practice skills they need, such as parallel parking. In addition, you can expect students to learn detailed safe driving techniques to set them a road to success.

  • Not All Schools are Equal

Most driving training is not regulated, although some states do so on that level. This means that every school is going to be a bit different. That is why it’s important to know everything possible about the teen driving training you may be considering. Make sure you know what they teach and what they do not, who is doing the teaching, and ask questions.

  • Worth the Cost

Some may find that driving programs are not worth the cost, but this is uncommon. In fact, many insurance companies will offer a discount for a while who has been through some sort of driving program. The savings over time there can often make up for the immediate cost of the Chicago teen driving school.

  • Chicago Driving School

At Nova Driving School, there are many options for teaching your teen to drive. We offer courses with both behind the wheel and classroom aspects, or you can take one without the other. Additional practice hours are also available for those who need more practice.

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