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Three Clear Reasons Why Student Apartments Are Better Than Dorms

Dorm living may sound cool, but it can be both restricting and expensive amongst many other drawbacks. Here are why student apartments are the better choice.

Apartments Are More Budget Friendly

Typically, dorm costs are through the roof. Despite what a student may or may not be using during their stay, they will be charged for food, laundry services, and any other required miscellaneous expenses, all of which are factored into their tuition.

Apartments walkable to campus at LSU can fit better into a budget plan as students are only required to pay their rent and utilities, allowing them to spread their dollars wisely.

Apartments Are More Spacious

Dorms aren’t exactly known for their storage space. In fact, most students will need to downsize when planning their move. Apartments are much more spacious, allowing students to bring everything they need to live a comfortable, complete lifestyle.

Apartments Promote Independent Living

Going from life under parental ruling to having to follow a strict set of dorm rules prohibits students from getting a true taste of what life has to offer. When renting apartments walkable to campus at LSU, students will get ahead in life as they will learn how to pay bills on their own, do laundry, cook, and take care of home matters, all while enjoying the college experience. It also allows renters more privacy to study and to come and go as they please.

Ion Baton Rouge gifts students the pleasure of living a free and luxurious lifestyle while they focus on their studies.

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