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Living in Marquette University Housing that is Designed for Students

As an older university student, you have unique lifestyle needs that cannot be satisfied necessarily by living in the dorms. You need the flexibility to come and go as you need to throughout the day. You also need some privacy that you cannot get if you live in a dorm room.

Rather than face moving into an expensive house or an apartment complex that is far from campus, you can instead check out the Marquette University housing that is designed for upper-class students like you. These reasons can convince you to decide that moving in one of these apartments is the right choice for you.

Freedom of Movement

When you live in a dorm, you must abide by the hours for which you can come and go. If you come in after hours, you must buzz the front doorbell and have a desk clerk let you in.

However, when you live in an apartment close to campus, you can come and go as you need. You have a key to let yourself in and do not have to worry about missing a dorm curfew.

An apartment also has more room in which you can live. You have closets for storage and your own bathroom. You avoid having to share these features with a dorm mate.

You can learn more about the Marquette University housing that is geared toward students by going online. Contact Lark on 14th online to know more information.

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