The Important Role Land Surveyors in Pike County, GA Play in Development Projects Apr12


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The Important Role Land Surveyors in Pike County, GA Play in Development Projects

The first step in any real estate development process is to confirm the exact boundaries of the land that is to be developed. It is the responsibility of Land Surveyors in Pike County, GA to perform an on-site survey to determine the precise location of a piece of property. The surveyor marks the property lines at its corners with stakes with pink or red ribbons. This information is so important; many states have made moving or removing a land surveyor’s stake a crime. Once the land surveyor has established the boundary, he must then confirm the ownership of the property. He is trained to review court documents to determine if the current owner has clear title to the land. Most communities require this prior to approving a development proposal.

Land Surveyors in Pike County, GA prepare the base maps for a development project. They use satellite and on-site information to draw topographic maps of the site. They also locate important environmental features such as wetlands and water bodies. They may partner with other professionals such as wildlife biologists to map the habitat of endangered species and other important features. This enables engineers to design the development to minimize it’s environmental impact. Many local and state ordinances require that the developer do this in order to have his project approved.

While civil engineers are responsible for the actual design of the road and driveways system within a development, it is the responsibility of a land surveyor to locate it in the field. During the project review phase, the land surveyor will put stakes in the ground to mark the center of the road layout. This enables the city employees who review the project to walk the road layout. They can then assess the impact that it will have on environmental features.

Once the city has approved the plan, the surveyor is often required to place concrete markers to indicate the location of property boundaries and the road layout. This ensures that the property lines will be clearly delineated for generations. Terra Services Co., LLC is one of the Pike County, GA engineering firms that has land surveyors on staff. Their clients have this professional knowledge easily available throughout their project’s design, review and construction.

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