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The Curriculum Teaching How to Combat Discrimination and Racism in Nevada

The Zachor Holocaust Curriculum, a subsidiary of the Zachor Holocaust Remembrance Foundation, uses the first-hand experiences of Holocaust survivor Ben Lesser to promote acceptance and tolerance while combatting bullying, discrimination, and racism. Offering free resources and a program you can interact with, Zachor Holocaust Curriculum focuses on the World War II genocide of the European Jews. Zachor, meaning “remember”, is a program that was developed by a Holocaust survivor, Ben Lesser, who offers a completely different perspective to a program of this nature. He strives to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive to ensure an injustice of that nature never happens again. How we can keep that from happening is to teach acceptance and tolerance.

Ben Lesser believes that as we remember, we must also educate others so that lessons of the Holocaust can inspire future generations to recognize, combat, and ultimately extinguish the hatred that breeds genocide. Being a part of a unique curriculum like this gives you benefits like stimulating lesson plans, videos, and a historical interactive timeline, providing you with a lasting impact. The toolbox also includes student activities so you can be a part of your own lessons.

The Holocaust experience is the best reminder of how people can triumph after tragedy. It is also a reminder of how we need to honor our shared qualities and humanity instead of what makes us different. Discrimination and hatred leads to genocide, and we can never allow that to happen again. With the right education, we can learn and further teach how to stop discrimination, racism, and intolerance. To learn more about how you can be a part of this education, visit zachorlearn.org.

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