The importance of fire sprinkler system inspection

by | Apr 14, 2016 | fire alarm

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Fire sprinkler system inspection in NJ is extremely important, during the process the inspector ensures the system is in working order and the system is in full accordance with all the relevant clauses of the existing fire and building codes. As well as inspection of the system, the relevant NICET certified technician might also be involved in the design, installation and testing of new systems.

Many companies that are involved in fire sprinkler system inspection work on a contractual basis with clients, providing regular scheduled inspections which are often set by the insurer or state or local authorities. As well as contractual arrangements the inspectors also are called in by local fire departments and building inspectors to thoroughly check an installation in the event there is reason for concern.

Once on site, the fire sprinkler inspector works through the system, checking everything against a detailed master checklist which covers all aspects of the installation. The inspector will check various components that make up the system to ensure that everything is in working order. Should the inspector find any violations that could possibly interfere with the effective operation he will bring this to the attention of the client along with a recommendation on how to rectify it. Should the inspector find a serious violation or the system has components which are inoperable the recommendation usually is immediate repair or replacement.

The insurance premiums for buildings that are protected with a fire sprinkler system are less but this assumes that fire sprinkler system inspection in NJ is carried out regularly and the system is in good working order. Insurance companies know that a building protected by a fire sprinkler system is at considerably less risk than one which is not. The insurance companies know that in the event of a fire the system will activate, saving lives and property. The inspector provides copies of the inspection reports to both the owner and the insurance company, with this proof the insurance company can continue to provide insurance at a discounted rate.

As well as performing fire sprinkler system inspection in NJ the inspector can be called in to help with the design, installation and commissioning of new systems. Te inspector may also maintain existing systems as well as provide repair and upgrade services. Larger fire protection companies often employ as dedicated inspector while smaller companies prefer multi-talented staff which can perform numerous different tasks.

Fire sprinkler system inspection in NJ is an extremely important part of a comprehensive fire protection installation. Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp. offer comprehensive inspection services as well as repairs and maintenance.

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