3 Types of Access Control Panels for New Jersey Businesses Feb12


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3 Types of Access Control Panels for New Jersey Businesses

Access control panels are an important part of your overall alarm system. If you are considering a new alarm system or upgrade, here are the three types of systems that an access control installer in New Jersey can put in your business.

Mobile Device Access Control

Mobile devices are already integrated into your life, and now you can use your phone or tablet to access the security system of your business. Mobile device access control is used as an app, and you can require fingerprint, facial recognition, and pass code verification.

Limited Access Control

If you have visitors that need to access your business during specific hours, you can set up your access control panel to limit the times during which the person can get inside your building. The technology works by assigning a special pass code to the person, and the system verifies that the code is entered during the allowed hours.

Temporary Access Control

If you need a repair done or are expecting a delivery, you can assign temporary access through a unique code. The code can be limited to one or more days, and you can also limit the hours during which the system will allow the people to enter.

Where to Find an Access Control Installer for New Jersey Businesses

Effective Alarm Systems specializes in commercial alarm systems and can help you find the right access control panel for your business. Call them today to learn more and schedule a time with one of their technicians. You can also visit their website at www.effectivealarms.com.

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