The Function Of Social Security Disability Reviews

Just because you are approved for Social Security disability benefits does not necessarily mean that the benefits are for life. Social Security in Missouri make periodic reviews of recipients in the state, this is done to ensure that they remain eligible for benefits. There are basically two things that have an impact on eligibility; an improvement in the medical condition of the recipient and work activity.

Determining the review schedule:

Social Security has developed a system of “diary” dates that are used to review the eligibility criteria. These dates are established as such:

   * An improvement is likely
   * Improvement is possible
   * Improvement is unlikely or not possible

If it has been determined that an improvement is likely, Social Security in Missouri will schedule a review before the elapse of three years, if an improvement is possible a review will be scheduled in three years or so and if improvement is unlikely chances are the review will not be made for at least seven years or longer.

These time frames are not set in stone; Social Security can undertake a review at any time it is triggered. The usual trigger is evidence of work. Social Security has access to earnings records that are given to the IRS by employers. In the event a work related alert is triggered Social Security will notify the benefit recipient. At this time a determination will be made if your work can be considered as a substantial gainful activity or whether you are earning more than that which is allowed.

In the greatest majority of cases there is no reason to become overly excited or concerned if you are subjected to a continuing review. If you’re medical condition has not improved or you have not returned into the work force at a level deemed to be substantial gainful activity you have nothing to worry about.

If you are a recipient of Social Security in Missouri don’t be surprised if your case is reviewed periodically. If you have any questions about continued eligibility you are invited to contact the Grundy Disability Group. Follow us on our Google+ Page.

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