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How To Sell Diamonds In Chicago

Selling your unwanted or unused jewelry is a great way to earn some extra cash for you and your family. Of course you want to keep your family heirlooms, but there are many cases when selling your outdated or unwanted diamonds is entirely appropriate, and may even help give you funds to use for something you actually need. In other cases, unloading jewelry that would otherwise simply be gathering dust can help you pay for something fun, such as a vacation. Here are some tips on how to sell diamonds in Chicago, to help you maximize the funds you get from your old gems.

Clean Your Item

Before you even leave the house, take a few moments to research the best way to clean your diamond. There will be different cleaning directions depending on the type of metal in which it sits. For example, there are solutions on the market ideally suited to cleaning gold that will cause silver to prematurely tarnish, whereas the type of cloth used to clean silver won’t adequately clean gold. Follow those directions to the letter when cleaning your jewelry in order to be sure it looks its best.

Be Informed

Having your diamonds appraised ahead of time is a personal decision; one that should be made taking into consideration the anticipated value of the diamond. In some cases, a full appraisal ahead of time isn’t warranted, and you can instead rely on the opinion given by a few different dealers. If, however, you believe your gem is worth upwards of $1,500 or $2,000 it may be worthwhile investing in a full appraisal in order to be sure your expectations are realistic when you visit a dealer or reseller.

Set Your Emotions Aside

Diamonds often carry memories within them. They tend to be given as gifts from loved ones, whether they be familial relationships or romantic ones, and are hard to part with even if the relationship has soured. In some cases, the diamonds are a symbol of the feelings once held towards a particular person, and selling the diamond means letting go of those feelings. Be sure that you are ready to sell, or at least ready to set those emotions aside, before you head to a retailer.

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