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The Beneficial Qualities of X-Ray Tubes Designed for Continuous Use

Getting better results with your analysis means looking outside the traditional designs of X-ray tubes currently on the market. You want to source your products from X-ray tube manufacturers that understand how critical it is to have dependable, continuous-use deliverance systems. Enjoy a safer part that gives you high-quality results on a continual basis.

Complements Smaller and Tighter Areas

The need for continuous X-ray operation can be frustrating when the area available for the tube is small and cramped. One readily-available solution is micro-sized tubes with bendable components that fit in nearly any small location. It’s tubes that provide the same beaming capabilities of larger tubes. Flexible materials in their construction make it a more efficient delivery system for continuous use and activity. You’ll never have to compromise on the quality of your qualitative and quantitative analysis. The improvement in results and consistency are immediate.

Heat Reduction Capabilities

One of the most common reasons failure in X-ray rubes happen is due to the inability to release heat with continuous use. The addition of air-flow mechanisms is not enough to limit their lifespan to a mere two or four years. You need X-ray tube manufacturers offering tubes that can handle the variety of power spectrums needed while dissipating the heat build-up effectively.

Eliminate Internal and External Arcing

Arcing is a significant problem that can cause the failure of the X-ray tube and the equipment it’s housed within. Electrical arcing can also prove dangerous for anyone near the equipment. Choose a manufacturer that helps eliminate internal arcing by using dielectric oil specifically formulated to combat this problem. Pick a tube design that performs without the high voltage well of most traditional models.

Contact Micro X-Ray, Inc for more information about the benefits of having the right X-ray tubes for your equipment.

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