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Central Air Conditioning Service in Mount Vernon WA Keeps Residents Cool on Very Warm Days

Technicians who provide central Air Conditioning Service in Mount Vernon WA install, maintain and repair these appliances so their customers can stay cool on very warm days. Most people don’t give central air conditioning much thought anymore since it has become standard in households. They might be interested in learning some fun trivia about air conditioning.

A Brief History

Window air conditioners started becoming popular in the 1950s when prices came down from the formerly expensive levels. Central air conditioning in the residential setting became relatively common in the 1970s, although many households continued to rely on the window models. New homes generally included central air unless the construction took place in cooler climates. Even now, not all residential building contractors include central air in the northwestern part of the country.

Migration to the South

A big reason for so much migration from northern states to southern locations is the opportunity to have air conditioning. Moving to Florida, Arizona and other warm-weather climates was not nearly as common before air conditioning became prevalent. Now, people can enjoy the mild winters and stay cool during the hot summers with their residential central air system.

Relevant Statistics

When considering major metropolitan areas, Seattle has the lowest percentage of residential air conditioning in the entire nation, at only about 33 percent in 2019. Mount Vernon is even further north. Households that do have this climate-control feature want reliable Air Conditioning Service in Mount Vernon WA so they don’t have to deal with the occasional hot weather that occurs from July through September.

Year-Round Climate Control

This part of Washington State has relatively mild winters but doesn’t experience long, hot summers. Summer weather in this region tends to be cool much of the time and hot days are rare. For that reason, residential central air in this part of the country is not as common as it is in most of the other states. Nevertheless, for people who want year-round climate control, central air is an important part of that goal. Installation, maintenance and repair work can be done by contractors like the one represented at.

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