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by | Nov 18, 2013 | Business

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Have you ever thought about what your cat, dog or other small pet might eat in the wild? Most likely, it would include animals and plants easily found in the terrain around your home, and not synthetic ingredients, grain fillers and preservatives.

Just like yours, your pet’s body is designed to eat a certain way. When this diet is not observed, the risk of sickness and disease increases. For many domestic pets, allergies, chronic issues like diabetes and even depression can be exacerbated by improper diet.

At Tail Waggers, we are dedicated to connecting you and your pet with the food that works best. As consumers become more aware of what they eat — and what they feed those in their care — manufacturers are responding by developing better products. You might not have been able to find natural pet food anywhere just 20 years ago, while today, Tail Waggers can offer you a wide variety of natural choices for your furry friend.

In addition to providing natural pet food, we carry products that support holistic care, and treat your pet as an entire being. We believe that every diet, medicinal and grooming choice can impact other aspects of health, and operate on that philosophy at every turn. You might be amazed at the improvements you see when your pet starts acting younger and happier with just a change in diet.

Take a look at what we carry to see what’s in store for you. We’ll be glad to answer any questions about natural pet food, care and so much more!

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