Choosing a Road to a Business Administration Degree Miami

by | Nov 18, 2013 | Education

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Choosing a university for a degree is an exciting step for anyone to take – whether they’ve been our of school for two weeks or two decades. It’s a chance to define yourself, what you want to do and how you want to spend your time for the forseeable future. Study and learning is never wasted, and selecting the right place to start (or return) is the first, but very important, step.

The first thing you need to look at your course of study. What do you think you want to study at this point? It’s important not to get terribly stressed over making the “right” decision at this time. It’s always possible, and very common, to begin a course of study and then decide that it really isn’t the right one for you. Approximately 30% of all college students change majors at least once (and some do it more often), during their college career. The reality is also that very, very few people stick with the career that their degree ostensibly qualifies them for their entire lives. You can always change majors down the road, but it’s important to get started down the road first.

Does the school you’re considering have professors you think have a lot to offer you? How are the courses structured? How large is the school? Are you comfortable being 1 of 500 students in a lecture hall? Or would you prefer smaller classes and more face time with the professor? Do you prefer a school that will let you study at your own pace, perhaps in a distance-learning format with ultimate flexibility? Or is the idea of going to class one that you find more interesting and that you know will suit your style better?

If you are considering a business major, are there affiliated internships or work-study arrangements available with companies that will give you a good taste of your future career? Is the major itself diversified in areas that you would like to explore, such as international business, or marketing and communications?

Regardless of where you are today, an education is invaluable and will be continue to be useful in ways that amaze you after you leave college. If you have questions about where you belong, or would like to explore a Business Administration Degree Miami, contact Millennia Atlantic University, for a serious conversation about what your future road looks like.

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