Swimming Pool Repair in Connecticut, When and What Is Needed

by | Aug 21, 2017 | Swimming Pool

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Swimming pools need to be maintained and checked for needed repairs every year. Checking all the lines and filters can be a big job. You need to be prepared and start checking parts and prices before beginning such a project.

When Should a Swimming Pool Be Repaired?

Swimming pool repair should be done in the spring before the pool is used for the season. Generally speaking, the temperature outside should be in the high 60s to mid 70s. Waiting for the temperature to rise helps to ensure that further damage doesn’t happen during inspection.

What Types of Repairs Should Be Done

The pool should be drained so the pool walls and floor can be inspected for cracks, holes, or tears in the liner. Make sure to take great care during the inspection so as to not tear the pool liner. Keep in mind that leaving a pool drained for a long period of time can cause more damage. All filters should be checked or replaced. You also need to make sure all drains are free of debris and all pumps are working properly.

Gain Peace of Mind

Better yet, set up a repair and maintenance plan with a reputable pool company. Doing that saves both time and energy. A pool and spa company will know the types of swimming pool repair in Connecticut, and what to do to make sure your pool lasts for a very long time.

Set up a plan, have a budget in place, and enjoy the fun sunny days by the pool year after year. Worry-free time and creating memories are the best things about having a pool. Make that a reality by hiring a company for all swimming pool repair needs. Browse us for more information.

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