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What Is So Special About King Edward Cigars?

Possibly a fanatical cigar aficionado might tell you that the only special thing is that they are the result of a great marketing gimmick and rather than going out to Buy King Edward Cigars; you should learn more about truly premium cigars. A regular smoker of King Edward cigars would respond that the aficionado is nothing but a “cigar snob” and, if a cigar was good enough for the King Of England to; not only smoke; but, also buy in large quantities to offer to his (male) dinner guests – then, it must be good enough for you to smoke.

Hand Rolled; Made In Cuba vs Machine Made in Florida USA

The proximity of Tampa in Florida to Cuba made its port ideal for importing tobacco leaf for production of cigars within the USA. Some of the cigar factories that set up in Tampa in the late 1800’s were owned by Cubans who had decided to emigrate and bring their business and its established methods of cigar making to the US. Others; like the cigar factory in Ohio that was passed on to a travelling retail salesman by the name of David Swisher (in payment for a debt) were owned by American entrepreneurs.

Swisher used to include cigars in the wagon loads of goods he took out west to sell to the early settlers but; by 1870; the “manufactory” (which was what he called his cigar making sideline) was making hundreds of hand rolled cigars each and every day. His cigar business was booming.

Swisher cigar manufacture relocated to Florida and the traditional hand rolling techniques were replaced by innovative mass production machinery. Obviously, the smoking public did not object to the break with tradition since sales continued to rise. One of their machine brand cigars caught the attention of Queen Victoria’s son – who later became King Edward the Seventh of England.

Edward was a habitual smoker reportedly consuming at least 12 cigars and 20 cigarettes each and every day. Even though the pick of Britain’s cigar makers were lining up to supply him (and many did); he actually decided to Buy King Edward Cigars from the USA. It is said that the USA cigars that he purchased from the Swisher company were regularly handed out to visiting royalty and aristocrats when the ladies retired from the gentlemen’s company; leaving the men to drink their port wine and smoke cigars while discussing matters of importance.

Obviously, Swisher capitalized on this and named one of their cigars after the king. So many people wanted to Buy these King Edward Cigars that it became Swisher’s bestselling brand and the world’s best selling cigar.

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