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Ask Your Dentist about Cosmetics in Midlothian, VA

Some people still think of the dentist’s office as the place that you go when you need a tooth filled or a root canal. While that type of dentistry is the backbone of any practice, more people are finding that dentists can also give them what they really want: self-confidence gained from a dazzling smile. While many of the techniques used by modern dentists employ cutting-edge technology, the desire to give someone back their smile is as old as time.

Like many scientific discoveries, the ability of titanium and bone to bond (the reason implants are possible and successful) was discovered by accident. Back in 1952, English researchers were using rabbits to study blood flow and embedded titanium chambers into the rabbits ears. A Swedish surgeon later used their technique to study how bones heal and regenerate. When he tried to remove the expensive titanium chambers from the rabbits after a few months, he discovered that the titanium had bonded with the bone. It is this unique property that allowed the development of modern implants.Modern dentists use titanium dental implants as a base for replacement teeth. Yet hundreds of years before the birth of Christ, Aristotle and Hippocrates wrote about various dental practices, including stabilizing loose teeth with wires. In the second century A.D., the Etruscans were making gold crowns and dentures. However, the first record of successful implants belongs to the Mayans. Approximately 1,400 years ago, a young Mayan woman lost 3 of her teeth. A Mayan dentist made replacement teeth by carving shells and implanted them into the sockets of the missing teeth. Modern scientists were reluctant to believe that that the shell-teeth had bonded with the woman’s jawbone, but eventually radiographs of the skull led to the conclusion that the shell-teeth were actually the first known successful dental implants.

Virginia Family Dentistry has been focused on providing the highest quality care possible to their Richmond area patients for over 40 years. Their dental teams coordinate the care needed by the patient so the both the specialist and the general dentist are best able to work together for the long-time best interests of the patient. The 11 convenient locations all employ the latest technology: ZEISS endodontic microscopes, the i-CAT Cone Beam for 3D dental imagining and Invisalign digital impressions. Some of the services offered by this full-service dental practice are General Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics and cosmetics in Midlothian VA.