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Solve Your Shipping Problems with Postal Address Validation

You may have seen it before, one small error in the input made by a shipper can result in a package travelling to somewhere it was never required to go. These sorts of mistakes are virtually unavoidable as human error is simply part of being, well, human. Until you have robots shipping your goods, this will always be something to take note of. Even if you had robots shipping your goods you’d have other similar concerns. In the end, these unavoidable mistakes can cost your business large sums of money and give your customer service team a whole lots of headaches. However, using US postal address validation software can greatly reduce the effect these sorts of mistakes have. By validating that a package is in fact going to the right place, your shipper can be sure that they’ve done their job correctly. When they’ve done their job correctly, everyone else’s job becomes much simpler.

The Fastest Route Possible

Another great advantage of postal address validation is that it can more accurately calculate the most efficient route to take to get to a specific location. This means it will pick the best carriers based on their delivery schedules and make sure that your package arrives at its destination by the designated deadline. It also means that you can save a great deal of money on shipping costs, as shipping things more efficiently always costs less.

Residential Delivery

Because most carriers are designed to ship to and from other businesses, they often charge a premium for residential delivery. There are some carriers that don’t charge for residential delivery such as USPS, but they’re often far less effective. One extremely useful feature of address validation software is that it will calculate the residential delivery costs and compare them to the costs of handing a package over to a residential delivery company like USPS. This means that your software will be able to determine for you whether or not you should be using certain carriers and when.

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