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Are biblical prophecies accurate? – A quest for the truth

Biblical prophecies fulfilled tells a tale of ancient promises of death and destruction, fire, and brimstone for all who don’t believe. But believe in what exactly? Many people wonder whether or not the Bible’s potentials for the future are accurate and if they are or aren’t, what exactly can we expect for the future. The answers can be found with a bit of research and a quest for the knowledge that may be right before our eyes.

Factor or fiction – What the future holds

By searching for the truth about what will happen in the future, we have a chance to uncover mysteries of the Bible that we never knew. Many individuals on a spiritual quest want to know more than what their pastor tells them. They are refusing to believe that what is before their eyes is all that there is and this includes what they learned in church. When many people examine biblical prophecies, they wonder how they can apply this to our present day times. The truth is that many of these prophecies didn’t apply to today. They were in fact promises made which applied to the times they were written in.

What they don’t want you to know

If these promises were written for a time thousands of years ago, then why are pastors applying it to today? This is a very good question and one that people are wanting to know more and more about. The sad truth is that fear motivates to a desired action. If the masses can be controlled through fear of punishment in the afterlife, then religious groups and churches use this fear to direct the actions of the group towards their own end.

Have we been lied to?

If we weren’t being told the truth for all of these years about biblical prophecies fulfilled, then have we been lied to this whole time? The truth may surprise you. Although some religious leaders purposely misled the congregation, many others were simply telling what they thought was the truth.

Today information is available to help you make your own decisions such as in the book Bamboozled Believers.