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Signs It’s Time to Change Dentists in Waikiki

In general, everyone wants to work with a high-quality dentist. Unfortunately, dentist in Waikiki who graduate from top of the line schools are not guaranteed to be ones who provide the best service. If your current dentist exhibits any of the signs or behaviors, it may be time to change to a different provider.

The Dentist Lacks Focus

All dental procedures require the dentist’s full attention. One careless move could lead to a mouth injury, infection or other serious problems like a poorly-filled cavity. This, in turn, could lead to you needing additional dental work done and added expense. Take note of things that are going on while you’re in the dentist chair. If the dentist is talking on the cell phone, allowing staff to interrupt constantly, or actually leaving the room on a regular basis, you may want to consider using another dentist.

Suggesting Expensive Dental Work

Ethical dentists always recommend what you need. If your tooth needs a cavity filled, that’s what they’ll advise you to do. Unethical dentists, on the other hand, will recommend expensive dental procedures for simple problems. Instead of suggesting a filling, for example, they will recommend you have a root canal. Since the average person has no experience with dentistry, it can be hard to catch this kind of trickery. One way to avoid being taken advantage of is to seek a second opinion for any type or recommendation for expensive dental work. If at least two other dentists counter the recommendation of the first, it’s time to change dentists.

Manhandling or No Handling

It can be tough to sit still in the chair while the dentist extracts a tooth or performs some other involved procedure. Some dentists become impatient and push patients around to get them to cooperate and be still. At the other end of the spectrum, some dentists delegate procedures to their assistants who have neither the education nor the license to perform them. If either of these happens to you, dump your provider.

There are a number of Dentists in Waikiki, so there’s no reason for you to remain with a bad one. Save yourself time and angst by choosing a reputable dentist to service you.