Bill, Ben and a little Weed

by | Feb 14, 2014 | Shipping

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Only Colorado and Washington have legalized the sale of Marijuana, Washington by passing Initiative 502 and Colorado under Amendment 64. Both laws are only on a state basis and it is still illegal on a federal level, but the government has made steps to look the other way unless there are major issues, such as crossing into other states that have not had any positive legislation.

It is very common to see the shape of a marijuana leaf on clothing and many people who wear a weed shirt are those who either smoke it or use it for medical reasons and recreation. However, many people wear such items as statements, albeit fashion or political. Others are proponents of decriminalization and legalization of weed and they wear the clothes to heighten awareness of its natural properties.


The Washington legislation included the original ballot measure to license and regulate the production, distribution and possession of marijuana for person’s over the age of twenty-one. It would remove any and all current penalties imposed by the state and authorize individuals to carry and possess certain legal quantities. In other words, all state laws pertaining to the use and carriage of marijuana were removed. Whilst the vote was not unanimous—55% for—the winning side did have cause to celebrate.

Colorado had similar laws removed. Theirs also included the permission to grow up to three mature plants as long as they were kept in a locked and private space. One ounce per person is permitted during travel and up to one ounce per person is legally permissible as a gift. All growers, users and recipients must be over the legal age of twenty-one. Of course in both states the rules do not apply when it comes to legal medical marijuana or cannabis.


People love clothes and one of the most popular items of clothing is the humble yet amazing t-shirt. Many people were t-shirts with beloved bands and famous stars on them, but also other motifs such as marihuana leaves and weed related subject matter. It is a way for people to wear clothes that offer some level of self-expression but gives them a sense of individuality, as well as being flexible.

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