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Signs of Damage to Commercial Roofing in Independence Kansas

Now is the time for commercial building owners to take time to inspect their building’s roof. By being proactive and checking for signs of damage on Commercial Roofing in Independence Kansas serious issues and the need for expensive repairs can be avoided. Some of the most common warning signs of a problem are found here.

Damage to the Flashing

The metal strips that run along the roof’s edges is the flashing. The purpose of this material is to secure the roofing materials and prevent water and other items from compromising the surface. If the flashing is rusting, bent or damaged in some other way, water may be seeping in and causing damage. This is a serious issue with commercial roofing in Independence Kansas that needs to be addressed right away.

Blistered or Cracked Surface

Look for any signs of blisters, bubbles or cracks on the surface of the roof. This may be a sign of trapped moisture that can eventually lead to leaks. Blistering is going to occur when there are pockets of moisture or air trapped in between the roof deck and membrane or in between the membrane’s layers. This is a problem that should not be ignored as it is just going to get worse as time passes.

Leaks in a Commercial Roof

Standing or ponding water on a flat roof is a serious indication of a problem. While it is perfectly normal for there to be some standing water present after a storm, the water should drain away or evaporate within 48 to 72 hours. If this doesn’t happen, then it may cause serious leaks and premature aging of the flat roof.

Interior Water Staining

In some cases, a property owner will be able to detect a roof issue inside the commercial building. If there are water stains on the walls or ceiling of an upper floor, then it may be because of damage to the roof.

Taking the time to inspect a commercial roof regularly will help prevent the need for costly repairs. More information about roofing repair can also be found when property owners take the time to visit us. Being informed is the best way to prevent serious damage and the need for significant repairs.