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The Advantages of Installing Aluminum Fencing Around Your Home

Although many people dream of living in a home surrounded by a wooden white picket fence, that’s only because they’ve never considered the other options. When it comes time to install a fence around your yard, welded aluminum fences are unbeatable! So before you invest in wood, vinyl or iron, here are some of the advantages of aluminum fencing.

Strong and Long-lasting

When installed properly, a welded aluminum fence is incredibly strong and durable. They don’t rust like iron, so even in the dampest climates, you don’t have to worry about weathering or corrosion. They don’t fade in the sun or get infested with termites like wood or get knocked over by hail or snow. Because they’re so resistant to the types of problems that plague other types of fencing, welded aluminum fences won’t need to be replaced.

Easy To Maintain

They also won’t require much upkeep. While wooden fences need to be re-coated every few years to avoid rot, aluminum fences can stand for decades without requiring anything more than an occasional rinse with the hose to keep them clean.


Welded aluminum fences are unbeatable when it comes to versatility. They work as a simple marker of property lines, keep pets in the yard and uninvited guests away from your swimming pool. You can get spiked tops for added security or decorative ones to match the style of your home. You can even get aluminum railings to put around your deck or on stairs.


Let’s not forget that aluminum fencing is beautiful. It gives a classic and stately appearance to your home. In fact, its attractive appearance is why it increases the resale value of your home more than other more utilitarian types of fencing.

An experienced aluminum fence contractor like Big “Wood”y’s Fence, Inc. will tell you that welded aluminum fences are unbeatable in just about every way. A central Florida leader in the fence industry is specializing in all types of fences, they can help you install the perfect welded aluminum fence for your needs. Free estimate available!

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