Senior Care Portland Frequently Asked Questions Apr15


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Senior Care Portland Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes time to find help for an elderly loved one, most people have a lot of unanswered questions. There are multiple options available for assistance from in home help to facilities that provide around the clock care. Because each situation is different, it isn’t always easy to determine the best option for the senior. Before making any decisions about Senior Care Portland, it is important to gather as much information as possible and get those questions answered.

What options are available for seniors?
Senior Care Portland contains a lot of different services and facilities. Some seniors just need occasional help at home. It could be assistance with medical issues or it could be light housecleaning and cooking. In these situations, a professional comes to the house to meet the needs of the senior. When a person needs to move from his or her home, there are facilities that allow almost complete independence and those that offer assistance with everything from medication to physical therapy. There is something available for every person enjoying his or her later years in life.

Which living arrangement is best?
If a senior can live at home with minimal Senior Care, it is okay for him or her to remain in the house. On the other hand, when family members are worried about injuries, accidents, or medication mix-ups, it might be time to make the move to a more controlled environment. Families that aren’t sure what is best for their loved ones should talk to a doctor about the senior’s condition. Individuals often take emotion into consideration while making these decisions. On the other hand, a professional sees the situation as a whole and suggests the most logical, beneficial solution.

What about cost?
Each option comes with a different cost and there is no doubt that a person’s budget needs to be considered when it comes to Senior Care. Staying in a home that no longer has a mortgage might be cost effective if someone can come in and check on some of the essentials for a senior. On the other hand, when living alone is not longer an option, consider checking into discounted facilities that offer some of the basic necessities at an affordable rate.