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Selecting A Funeral Program In Bel Air

A Funeral Program in Bel Air provides you with a vast amount of choices for how you wish to lay your loved one to rest. The funeral director will help you make these distinctions and guide you through this difficult process. This includes assist throughout to ensure that you abide by your loved ones wishes as best you can. If your loved one has passed and you need a funeral program for him or her, contact Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services.

Selecting a Funeral Service

When a loved one dies, it is difficult. It is even more difficult trying to ensure that you respect his or her final wishes when these needs or wants are unclear. With the assistance of a funeral director, however, you can discover a wealth of choices that will help you make these determinations. Your selected funeral director will discuss with you which casket you prefer, the type of service, and the manner in which you wish for the funeral to progress.

When you choose cremation over burial, you can have a memorial service for your loved one within the chapel of the funeral home. You may choose a religious or non-religious service. The director will also assist you in music selection and more.

Local Funeral Home

Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services provides you with the option to have a traditional burial or to have your loved one cremated. Through these services you can select a casket for burial as well as a service based on your loved ones preferences. If you choose cremation, the funeral director will guide you through probable selections for the memorial service. To discuss these options with a funeral director call the Evans Funeral Chapel today or visit their website


Your selected Funeral Program in Bel Air will enable you to determine a final resting spot for your loved one. You can choose between religious or non-religious services based on your loved ones preferences. The funeral director will assist you in make complete arrangements including selecting a casket, music, and scripture for the funeral services. If you choose cremation and opt to have a memorial service, you may also choose any form of service you prefer. To learn more about these funeral services, you should contact Evans Funeral Chapel today.