Etiquette Rules To Follow During A Funeral Program in Forest Hill Jul05


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Etiquette Rules To Follow During A Funeral Program in Forest Hill

Death is both a subject and an event almost everyone handles differently. Some people are consumed by grief while others mourn a bit but otherwise seem to take it in stride. There is no “proper” way to mourn the loss of anyone, but there are some general etiquette rules that should be followed when attending a Funeral Program in Forest Hill. Here just a few.

Keep The Words Light

When talking about the deceased, it is best to simply share a fond memory or story about them. This way, the mourners can focus on the what they best loved about the dearly departed instead of focusing on heavier subjects that can be dealt with at a later time. Even a hug or warm embrace is appropriate in this type of setting.

Don’t Overanalyze

It is never good to bring up subjects such as “the medical care have been better” or “they are in a better place now.” These are considered conversations in poor taste. Asking how the deceased died is also never a good idea. Just keep the conversation directed to happier or more pleasant subjects.

Subtle Is Better

While the color black is not considered mandatory to wear at funerals anymore, the colors chosen should be kept subtle. A funeral is neither the time nor the place for wearing neon green or polka dots. If the funeral has been stated to be more of a “celebration of life,” the clothing can be less formal, but the attendees should still avoid wearing things such as tank-tops and flip-flops. Of course, the decedent could have written instructions stating that visitors can wear whatever they want to the Funeral Program in Forest Hill. In that case, they should wear whatever they want.

If ever in doubt about what to wear to a funeral, a quick call to an understanding funeral home such as Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services can help to clear up any confusion. If a phone call is not practical for whatever reason, visit the website and send the funeral home a message. They will be happy to help out in any way they can.