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Questions To Ask Criminal Lawyers in Rochester, MN Before You Hire Them

When you’ve been charged with crime, finding a quality Criminal Lawyer in Rochester, MN is at the top of your priority list. However, as you look at the various offerings around the area, it can be confusing which person to choose. Many lawyers claim they have experience in criminal law, but you have to wonder. Does that mean they’ve tried one criminal case and it was nothing like yours? Or, do they truly dedicate their practice to the defense of people who’ve been tried with a crime?

Keep in mind, any lawyer who has passed the Bar Exam CAN try your case for you. There’s no such thing as truly specializing in law, as there is in medicine. However, attorneys do pick an area of the law they prefer to work in and they dedicate their practice and study to that area. Those attorneys who’ve chosen criminal law defense are the people you want handling your case. Now, you need to narrow down even the criminal defense lawyers as some focus solely on DUI/DWI defense, certainly a criminal offense, but hardly in the same league as a rape or murder case.

When scouring the many options for a Criminal Lawyer in Rochester, MN, you will make several appointments for consultations with attorneys. At this time, they will be interviewing you and vice versa. You should go in with a list of questions you expect answers to, including:

  • How many years have you practiced law? How many years have you practiced with this firm?/in this area?
  • My case involves this, tell me how many cases you’ve handled like this and what the outcome of them was.
  • Are you the Criminal Lawyer in Rochester, MN who will be handling my case or will it be handed off to someone else?
  • What types defense do you see using in a case like this?
  • Please describe your fee structure.
  • How do you communicate with your clients, email, phone?

By going into the office prepared with questions, you’ll have direction and guidance for the consultation. You’ll feel more in control as you make decisions about which Criminal Lawyer in Rochester, MN will be best for you. After interviewing each of the attorneys, choose the one best for you. Don’t waste time in thinking it over, however, as the more time the attorney has to prepare your case, the better your outcome will be.