Functions of a Home Inspection in Chicago Through Various Stages of a Home

by | Oct 10, 2013 | Pest Control

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A number of people and aspects are involved in building a home. Before construction can begin, the land on which it will be built must be examined, ensuring no water or gas lines are hidden beneath the surface of the ground. The foundation must be laid on solid ground that is unlikely to give way after a heavy rainfall or cave in once digging begins. Maps of underground utilities and geographical surveys are readily available to land owners and construction crews, but this information is initially gathered by various inspection teams.

Upon beginning construction of a home, the foundation is poured and pipe layers assemble the underground portion of the plumbing system. Walls are erected, roofs are assembled, electrical wiring and interior plumbing is installed and insulation is added for comfort and energy efficiency. Eventually, lighting, kitchen and bathroom fixtures and other features are established. While meeting the expectations of the homeowner, the contractors must also adhere to a variety of building and safety codes.

Before furniture can be moved in and the structure is able to be inhabited, a Home Inspection In Chicago must be performed. The inspector will scrutinize the home from foundation to roof, to ensure the entire building is safe and meets all applicable codes. The foundation must be structurally sound, as must the walls, floors and roof. All plumbing components must meet specifications and wiring must be safely installed and connected. Any issues found by the inspector must be corrected before allowing the homeowner to move in.

If, at any time, the homeowner wishes to remodel, add on to the home or upgrade any systems within the home, the entire process must be followed again. If the owner decides to rent out or sell the home, it must be inspected again before allowing future residents to move in. Regardless of how well a home is maintained, it will deteriorate over time. The inspector must ensure all wear and tear has been repaired in accordance to the codes in place.

Codes also change over time; a home that was deemed up to code fifteen years ago may be sub-par by today’s standards. A Home Inspection in Chicago will reveal any such issues, and the inspector will notify the homeowner of any electrical upgrades, areas where insulation should be added, plumbing problems, structural repairs and other situations needing attention to bring the home back up to code.

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