Problems Requiring the Services of a Foundation Repair Company

by | May 3, 2014 | Foundation Repair

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The last thing any homeowner wants to learn is that they have problems with their foundation. Even small cracks should be repaired as soon as possible, because they can spread and lead to much bigger problems with the structure of the home. It is important for homeowners to inspect their foundations regularly, and that they know what problems to look for. Then, they can contact professional contractors to do the necessary repair work. Unless one is experienced in working on foundations, they should never try to fix issues themselves, as they could end up making problems even worse.

There are three common problems that require the services of a foundation repair company. The first problem is a bulging foundation. This could be a bump that sticks out from the foundation, and it is caused when temperatures change and cause the foundation to expand and contract. If the framing has been installed improperly, it can cause pressure on the foundation to be uneven, which also leads to bulging. A contractor will measure the extent of the bulge to determine whether or not it requires immediate repair work.

Another issue that is common with foundations is cracking, which is also caused by temperatures and improper framing. Another cause of cracking is when the soil under the foundation settles. If there are a lot of vibrations from construction in the area, it can also cause foundations to crack. This is a simple fix, requiring contractors from a foundation repair company to use caulking and mortar to fill and seal the cracks. Cracks can lead to leaking, so it is important that they are fixed quickly.

Leaks are a huge problem, and happen when water seeps through cracks in foundations. The cracks need to be repaired, then covered with a sealant that is waterproof. If left untreated, the water will continue to erode the foundation, and cause some really serious problems, including structural issues The experts at American Leveling Company can take care of all foundation problems quickly and professionally, and ensure that homeowners don’t have to worry about future problems with their foundations.

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