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What to Ask a Foundation Engineer in Houston, TX

Your home does not sit directly on the ground. Instead, it sits on a concrete slab that is built into the ground. Furthermore, pilings are likely underneath the concrete slab. The pilings are vertical columns that run perpendicular to the slab and keep your home level. The slab and the pilings are collectively known as the foundation of your home. The person who builds, rebuilds, and repairs foundations is known as a foundation engineer.

If you are moving into a new home, have not had your foundation checked in a while, or are merely concerned about potential danger, you should ask your engineer for information regarding the following problems.


Your foundation is built on solid ground with pilings underneath. The first and most significant danger to your foundation is erosion. However, your foundation is not going to erode instantly or evenly. The foundation erodes where the most wind and rain accumulate. If the earth erodes underneath the foundation, your home may begin to tilt.

You can easily recognize a serious foundation problem if you see a vertical crack running along a part of your home. However, you likely will not notice the home tilting. A foundation engineer in Houston, TX can provide more specific details about how to recognize erosion or damage.

One of the most common reasons people contact a Houston foundation engineer is to determine the state of their gutters. Gutters direct water away from your home so the water does not erode the ground around your foundation. Therefore, you should ask your engineer if your gutters are sufficient.

Warning Signs

In addition to asking about gutters, you should ask a foundation engineer what signs indicate an issue. For example, vertical cracks are a sign of trouble. Also, exposed foundation or exposed pilings indicate that something has gone wrong due to the ground eroding from underneath your home.